Secure Your Kids While Travelling With GoKid

Nowadays securing a kid is a major concern for parents, when the kids are outside, and as activities, are increasing on a daily basis, this makes the insecurity among the parents for the kids, for that solution GoKid came into the picture.

GoKid An Introduction

GoKid provides the team, school, and active families with a powerful tool to manage the day to day schedules. As of now, there is no easy way to organize kids carpools. The mobile app integrates key technologies that easily facilitate carpool management.

The app also includes in-app texting, calendar syncing, automatic alerts, routing functionality. This borderless app even addresses the parent and caregivers of the 50 million school children in America and beyond. It is a tool that will not just only help the families who use it, but also their communities.

GoKid Carpool app makes tracking and scheduling carpools for your kids to sports, school and some other activities secure and easy. Set up your schedule, invite your friends to join, share the driving experience! The app even sends out the automatic reminders and keeps everything in a much more organized way.

GoKid Connect is a complete mobility one stop solution for the school of all sizes. With the help of a secure website, families can easily connect to other families within their school to quickly identify carpool opportunities. Families can find other families based on the age of their children, vicinity and activities that kids participate in, making finding the best carpool option in just some of the few clicks.

Let us look at some of the features of GoKid:

Trusted circle: Parents

No paid drivers, GoKid Carpools for the kids are based on invitation only, you can only set up the carpools with other families which you know and can trust.

Route optimization

The app will pilot the optimal route to pick up and drop off each child in a carpool, so whichever parent is driving, they know where to go simply.

Automatic Reminders

Get now automatically reminded when it is your turn to drive or when it is a time to send your child out to join the carpool.

In the app messaging

You can even add notes to your carpool trips so that you can make sure that every parent in the carpool is up to date on specifies for that drive.


To Sum Up

Morever, GoKids, provides the great features to be used as a app for securing your kids when they are using car, or cabs. This is a highly recommend app for those, who wants to secure their kids.

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