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Gmelius is a lightweight customer relationship management system which offers the real-time integration features for the email inbox. It is a freemium application that is available for the Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, designed for business purpose, especially for handling the professional's emails.

Discover The Secret Life Of Your Emails

Real-time tracking delivers instant feedback when your messages are clicked or opened, which allows you to send perfectly timed follow-ups, and close deals faster than ever. Gmelius built-in Activity streams automatically log each event and make it easy to view all your tracking history at just one place.

Put Your Outreach On Autopilot

Automate the flows of email based on interaction triggers at timed intervals of your choice. Keep your communication with the clients intact and your leads engaged throughout the long sales of cycles.

Enjoy a Shared Inbox That Works For Your Team

Route the email conversations or a shared inbox in its wholesome. Assign emails to some specific teammates for clear ownership and fast follow-ups. Build up the strong and valuable client relationships from your inbox. Transform Gmail into a help desk support.

Write An Email Now, Send It Later

Now decide when your emails will reach your recipient's inbox, by increasing the likelihood that they will be read, opened, and answered. You can even set up the recurring emails to send the monthly invoices to your customers, or remind your team of the coming meetings.

Scale Up Your Email Game

Turn your most of the repetitive and effective emails into the templates which you can personalize, share and optimize with your team. Send the personalized emails to the multiple prospects without the crazy price tag and the confusing process. Get click through the rate and campaign performance reports.

Get Things Done, Together

Most of the emails require certain action. So, Gmelius offers the customizable powerful Kanban like boards seamlessly integrated into your inbox. There is also an option to convert your messages into the tasks, synchronize them with the Google calendar and collaborate on the shared projects with your team – all that from within your inbox.


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