Make Interactive Content with Genially

Nowadays have good content is all that user's web over the web, and making it in a more attractive way is a challenging task in this world of digital media, this is where Genially comes into the picture.

What is Genially?

Genially is a platform which allows the users to create interactive content like the slides, maps, infographics without even typing any line of code.

The following are some of the features of Genially:

Create stunning content in minutes

A single platform to create professional content for the communication of the future: Infographics, Presentations, Interactive images, Dossiers, etc. Achieve spectacular results as if you were working with a team of web design, all that without needing any of the programming skills.

Measure what works… and what doesn’t

Make use of some of the metrics to know what really is working in your sales and marketing team. Get to know your audience behavior with your content. Access metrics of view across the globe, by page, geographic location of visits, and even distribution by time.


Bring your resource to life with the movement. Entrance, continuous, exit and hover some of the animations according to your choice. Turn your creations into the animated content in minutes. Even enrich your content with the help of spectacular visual effects. Amaze with the transition between the different pages.


Create the experiences of communication where exploration is the protagonist. Add some of the layers of information and create unique content. Now even make some of the more visual and less saturated content which is in your hands. And all that stuff without having any of the programming skills.

Integration and collaboration

All the powerful web of the internet in your content. Simply integrate the digital providers which you want, and they will continue to work within the tool. Work with other people on the same sort of document.

Cloud and Multi-device

Create in the cloud from any of the computer with the help of internet connection. And view your creations where ever you want to and create from a tablet or computer. And personalize your creations with your corporate logo and image. Create in the cloud from any PC with the help of internet connection.

Personalizable and tablet

Personalize your creations with your logo and corporate image. There are more than 400 professionals educational or generic templates with hundreds of resources like the: figures, maps, pins, illustrations, icons, etc.


Overall, Genially provides the great features to be used to make some of the interactive content for the users. It is much more recommended for those who don’t have programming skills and want to provide the good to its users.