– Annotate Your Machine Learning Data

Gengo, which is a world leader in the high scale, expert crowdsourced translations services, is now taking aim at the growing need for the high-quality multilingual data to train up the tomorrow advanced Artificial Intelligence-based systems. which is an on-demand platform which provides developers of the machine learning system access to a wide array of the services which is delivered by the Gengo efficient and fast crowdsourced network of more than 25000+ contributors. is the trusted source for the highs came crowdsourced multilingual data, Just after its launch, some of the global companies such as the Ctrip, Expedia, Etsy, eBay, Nike, Facebook, Salesforce, Sony, BuzzFeed, TripAdvisor, have used Gengo for the assistance with the mission-critical languages services. Gengo has also developed a reputation for the fast turnaround of the challenging translation tasks:

  • Translates up to one million words per week per language pair
  • Completes customer orders within three hours (on average)
  • To date, has translated more than 950 million words for 65,000+ customers

The platforms help to build on the firm proven multilingual translation platform to offer the data curation services for both the speech and text which includes the transcription, content summarization, and sentiment analysis.

Rasmus Rothe, the founder of AI incubator Merantix, says that matching the training data to the desired sophistication of the AI is crucial to ensure quality results and a high ROI: “Advances in deep learning allow the use of significantly larger amounts of high-quality training data. Many people underestimate the technical infrastructure and operational excellence needed to get such data. Services like are great for engineering teams who need data fast and at scale.”