Startup in Review: Geenees | A Fun And Easy Social Gifting App

Geenees brings the relationship to life with the perfect gifting experience. Sometimes we all have a hard time deciding that what we want to gift someone. Every time there is a celebration in our social circle, we can see people asking each other what someone would want or even worse, asking them directly.

While the intention behind this is to merely gift them something which will add value to them, it is also a fact which creates an awkward moment between the giver and receiver. Just how does one end up saying that they are looking for something so specific, without knowing what the giver is comfortable buying.

Geenees is for anyone and everyone who finds its really difficult to search for the right gift and resorts to buying just another gift card every time. With the help of a beta app already out, Geenees is what reflects wishes coming true by a real life Genie that is not just meant for storybooks!

We believe that Geenees takes the guesswork out of gifting. “A perfect gift is when you feel good on both the giving and the receiving end,” is what we thought of while making the app.

What does Geenees do?

Geenees allows users to find the items that have been looking for and add them to their wish lists. These wish lists are visible to the family and friends they invite to the app, who can also create their lists, and let them see what the user is wishing for and making it easier to decide what to gift them even on an urgent basis.

A user can also create the event which is based on wish lists to make it easier for their family and friends to plan a gift or a surprise party. For example, you could also create a wishlist for what you want on your birthday and a separate one for what you would like on your anniversary instead!

“Geenees ensures that no one gets the same gift twice, by letting them know what they already have and what someone has purchased for them.”