GBoard For Android Adds Support For Over 500 Languages

Gboard for the Android now comes up with support with more than 500 languages. Google launched the virtual keyboard on the Android in the year 2016 for the nearly 100 different languages varieties, and since then it keeps on expanding and getting new languages.

Moreover, Google has also upgraded the private album limit on Google Photos to 20000 images. The company was previously spotted to have its Live Albums feature with a cap limit of 20000 images. Google has also upgraded AI-powered and supported Google Lens with the ability to recognize over a billion items. The tool was released in the October 2017 and was using the artificial neural networks to recognize close to 250000 items.

Apart from other changes made by the Google, Gboard for Android has now crossed the mark of supporting the 500 languages, now precisely with the 576 varieties of languages. The is a much higher number than the initial number of 100 language varieties that debuted along with the Gboard back in the month of December 2016.

Apart from supporting with a large number of languages, Gboard is also touted to be compatible with more than 40 scripts, which is highly ranging from alphabets used across the different languages such as the Cyrillic and Roman to scripts that are much more exclusive to one language such as Ol Chiki for Santali. The company has also revealed that they are going to add more different languages.

“Many of the Gboard's with newly added languages are traditionally not widely written, such as in newspapers or books, so they are much more rarely found online,” said Daan van Esch, Technical Program Manager, Gboard, in a blog post. “But as we have already spent more time on our phones on social media and messaging apps, people are now typing in these languages more than ever. The ability to easily type in these languages will help and lets people communicate with others in the language they would normally speak face-to-face as well.”

You can easily download the latest Gboard for Android on your device directly from the Google Play.

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