It’s Time You Went Bonkers Over These G Suite Alternatives

Just about a decade earlier, dealing with an on-premise server along with an email account was considered a prominent productivity suite of record for different companies. Since then, software as a service aka SaaS has stood the concept of workplace productivity on its head, courtesy the emergence of G Suite and several other tools alike.

G Suite can be better explained as a powerful confluence of business, productivity, education, and productivity software, built and powered by the search engine giant Google. Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Sheets, Drive, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Google+, Hangouts and Keep are a few G Suite tools that have risen to exponential fame.

With useful and built-in apps meant for hassle-free collaboration and file sharing, G Suite has caught the attention of SMBs as well as established business hubs. Although over the past few years, G Suite has climbed the ladder to success owing to truckloads of advantageous features and functionalities, many entrepreneurs are eager to work with the alternative tools to it. Legions of people out there want Office Suite software to streamline the process of sharing files, controlling versions or notifications, etc.

What is tough is narrowing down to the right software that will suit one’s requirements and budget. Are you looking for an alternative tool to G Suite? In this excerpt, we have dug out a list of Office Suites software, which a large chunk of reviewers have considered more efficient and cost-effective than G Suite. Make sure to go through each of them before you take the final call.

As previously I wrote about how to cancel or delete your g suite account, I have come up with the new post that will give you the list of free and paid alternatives of g suite. Most people write and talk about it but we have listed down the best of the best g suite alternatives.

What Are The Best Alternatives To G-Suite?

We tried to cover the best g suite alternatives and provide you a brief idea about those products and their pricing. Some of the alternatives are partially free, some of the alternatives are not at all free. Both the free alternatives and paid alternatives have their advantages and disadvantages. Read below to find out the best g suite alternatives.

List Of Alternative To G-Suite


Operating across a vast array of countries worldwide, Rackspace could be the best G Suite alternative for those who are looking for a simple email service for their businesses. Apart from being a global enterprise, Rackspace boasts of a plethora of plans dedicated to emails directly. Impressive efficacy apart, it’s the shoestring pricing of Rackspace that has magnified its popularity across the world. It will cost you around just $2.99/month for one user. The best part is that Rackspace has everything essential to enhance the online presence of a blossoming business. Making a switch from G Suite to Rackspace, you can obtain large 25GB mailboxes, deleted email recovery, compatibility with Microsoft Outlook, attachments up to 50MB, 24/7 customer support, and the likes.

Same Page

If you are someone who loves using G Suite, not only for emails but also for business collaborations, then SamePage is the ideal bet. With an extensive repertoire of online collaboration tools, i.e., group chat, instant messaging, file sharing, voice calls, editing, etc., The same Page is aimed at providing every business hub a complete experience. To use the Same Page, you need not pay even a single penny! So, whether it is to store data, collaborate on files or delve into seamless communication, with the Same Page, you can seal any deal free of cost. However, if you want to upgrade its functionality, you may opt for the Pro and Enterprise plan, which costs only $7 per month for each user. Sounds lucrative.


Do you want to make a switch mainly because you are running your brand on a shoestring budget, which is getting affected by the high pricing of G Suite? If yes, then Zoho will be right up your alley! For just $1 per month, you can get access to the mailboxes of your business. And, for such a low price, you can also acquire access to the Zoho Cliq! Meticulously crafted to enhance productivity, this developer-friendly collaboration software can help you keep each of your teammates. At $1 per month, you will get 5GB storage per users; 25MB email attachments, IMAP/POP access to connect email clients, Access to Zoho Cliq, and more!

Microsoft Office 365

While Sheets, Google Docs, Slides, etc. are garnering a lot of popularity, many people still want to rely on original Microsoft Office 365 solutions. MS Office is not only easily navigable but also a lot cheaper than G Suite. For just $5 per month, you will get access to 50GB mailbox, Microsoft Exchange mail server, Microsoft Teams communication platform, 1TB of Microsoft OneDrive file storage, Online meetings/video conferences, 24/7 phone and web support, and not to mention, application like Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. Affordability is another reason why businesses using Microsoft products are recommended to rely on this G Suite alternative primarily.


For someone who values excellent safety and security, no other G Suite alternative could be more commendable than ProtonMail. Although this highly secured email option is a tad pricier than G Suite, it is worth every penny. Google mails generally get monitored when blocking spam or trying to boost the intended ads. This is where ProtonMail comes into play. Additionally, if you don’t want your business data to be used by any third party, you should get your hands on ProtonMail. With its free email plan, you can get 500MB of storage. By spending only $6.25/user/month, you can obtain 5GB of storage per user, five email addresses per user, two customized domains, customer support, and the likes.


This cloud storage Dropbox software solution has risen to fame by having offered a seamless syncing of files across different platforms for an easy sharing with the collaborators and team members.


Slack is a team messaging application, which enables every member of a project to stay on the same page with seamless communication. Using this app, you can receive notifications on your desktop every time a new message is posted. You may integrate the app with different office tools and craft customized channels as well.

Only Office

This G Suite alternative is designed to help different business hubs to enhance their overall performance across a large number of team members irrespective of their proximity. Only Office is the perfect application for your Business.


Bitrix24 refers to a customer relationship management podium, via which you can let your business boost its outreach worldwide and interact with your customers.


Axigen refers to an email-based interaction and scheduling software, crafted for different businesses, teams, and service providers.

Microsoft SharePoint

Using Microsoft SharePoint, you can discover, share, and organize all the crucial information without any inconvenience.


IceWarp comes with some features like online document editing, etc. and desktop application for running a smooth flow of work.


The WordPerfect Office software is an all-in-one office suite, which includes a word processor for composing documents, a digital notebook, a presentation tool, a photo editor, a spreadsheet creation tool, etc.

Kerio Connect

This G Suite alternative to messaging as well as collaboration can meet every requirement of budding as well as established businesses. kerio Connect also provides extensive mobile device support with unmatched deployment flexibility.

Whoa!!! That's a long list, you must have got tired but let me give you a few of my last input to the post and sum it up.

Okay. So the first question arises in your mind would be why did I give you a list of alternatives and why am I saying this???

There are multiple alternatives to g suite but they are all masters in only some domains where Google is master in almost all the domain of business. If you are looking for a full-fledged solution for your business, I would suggest G suite over all the other tools and alternatives. Regardless of whether you are looking to cut ties with G Suite and switch to an alternative option, always compare the options above and their prices before you settle on one. Let me give you some clear idea about pros and cons of g suite so that you can take better and customized decision for your organization.

G Suite Pros

  • G-suite helps business in creating their own email domain which makes them look more professional in the industry.
  • You get advanced features which include discovery, search, email archiving, etc.
  • G-suite is cost effective and the best way to keep all the information in one place
  • You get the user-friendly interface to access software tools and programs
  • All your information will be secure as G-suite is a highly secure platform on the market
  • G-suite is compatible and easy to use on all the devices
  • All the data will be stored in one place, and you get to add exciting collaboration features
  • Store as much information you want for free as G-suite offers you unlimited storage
  • With G-suite, You can use the Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, and Google Drive apps to manage the business

G Suite Cons

  • G-suite is time-consuming when it comes to importing data and document into the system
  • You cannot restore the data which has been deleted from the drive
  • G-suite doesn’t offer you the proper integration of desktop email with the mobile clients
  • Make Sure to have an internet connection, Without the Internet, you cannot access to G-suite
  • You might face issue while converting Google Doc file to PDF format
  • You get limited hangout features with G-suite