FnV Farms To Revolutionize the Food Chain Deliver with Data Science

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Mumbai-based Fnv Farms is all set to revolutionize the food supply chain with data science and vertical delivery. The startup delivers fresh fruits and vegetables to the Mumbai households and it also serves local food to restaurants and cafeterias.  It is planning to attain this through an asset-high model, where inventors are achieved by using minimum wastage. The users could get some benefits such as free same-day delivery and no minimum order value to their doors.

Founded in 2019, FnV Farms is now one of the leading fresh fruit delivery platforms in Mumbai. Its founder and CEO Sudhakar Nimmagalla, who is graduated from IIT Bombay in Mechanical Engineer, worked as the Mumbai Operations Manager of Supr Daily. He was responsible for increasing the daily orders from 2,000 to 60,000 in the area. 

FnV Farms gets its harvest in large volume from farmer’s market in Nashik and from the neighboring areas of this city. Later, it transfers the harvest to its cold storage units and warehouses in Borivali, West Mumbai and  Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Currently, it has a delivery fleet of 20 part-time- executives and covers only 50 meters. 

FnV Farms To Revolutionize the Food Chain Deliver with Data Science

Recently, FnV Farms got support from VC, a Mumbai-based early-stage venture fund that looks to invest ?200 crore by the end of 2020. It is planning to lifts further round of ?4 crore.

According to Sudhakar, they did their research on various aspects of this business and figured out that the existing firms have covered merely 1 percent of this market until now and there much to explore and get solutions to the hurdles. For instance, consumers still have to go to one vendor to another and bargain over prices. Moreover, the freshness of the fruits and items remains a major concern.        

Sudhakar further adds that adulteration is one big issue in India. Today, most of in local markets the sellers give the injection to the vegetables and also use chemicals, spraying and dying to make them fresh. FnV Farms is solving this problem by inventing stringent quality checks so that everyone would receive the best and fresh fruits.

FnV Farms gazing to establish this delivery model in leading metros and it is targeting to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to millions of customers by 2025. He also shared his plans to enlarge its business in Pune because Maharashtra is one of the major farmer networks in the country.


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