Freewire Technologies Raises $15M in Series A Funding

FreeWire Technologies, a San Leandro and California based provider of future proof and flexible power solutions for the grid edge has now secured $15 Million in the funding round of financing A.

The round was led by the BP Ventures with the collaboration from the Stanley ventures, Oski Clean Energy Partners, Spike Ventures, TRIREC, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Strawberry Creek Ventures, and Blue Bear Capital.

The company as of now has a plans to use the fund for the commercialization of its Ultrafast EV charging and mobile on-site power technologies along with the expansion of its sales and operations teams.

The startup which is led by the Arcady Sosinov. FreeWire builds up the power infrastructure light EV charging and mobile power solutions. Its Mobi Charger product line provide up with a mobile EV Chargers that can be deployed easily to shift with the rapidly changing EV landscape. The Mobi Gen product line offers up the clean and quite on-site power to easily substitute or supplement the use of diesel generators for a variety of remote power needs.

“It is important that our initial group of investors hail from such a diverse set of industries – they collectively reflect a wide range of the energy challenges we are now in a better position to tackle,” said Arcady Sosinov, CEO of FreeWire. “Their backing at this pivotal stage is rooted in a shared vision of a future with the widespread transition to flexible, sustainable electrification.”

At the start of 2018, BP Ventures announced an investment in conjunction with the launch of a pilot program to deploy FreeWire’s infrastructure-light EV fast chargers at BP retail sites in the UK.

“FreeWire was one of BP’s first investments in the advanced mobility space and we remain excited by their expertise and technologies,” said David Gilmour, Vice President of BP Ventures. “Mobility continues to evolve, and BP is committed to remaining the fuel retailer of choice. We see FreeWire playing an important role in our varied offering and helping ensure we are well positioned to meet future demand.”

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