SignalFire Invests $6M On Robot Data Management Solution Company

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Formant, a San Francisco, California based robot data management solution maker, has now secured $6 Million in the funding round of Seed Funding. This time investment was made by the SignalFire. The company as of now has a plans to use the funds to continue to develop its solutions.

The startup which is led by the Jeff Linnell, CEO and Former Director of Robotics at the Google, who also brings more than a decade of experience in the robotic system designing, deployment and manufacturing and Anthony Jules, CTO, a seasoned technology leader with the deep expertise in robotics and machine learning who prior to Google also worked at Redwood Robotics.

A Formant is creating the first robot data management solution which is aimed at providing businesses with the infrastructure and tools needed to gather and understand complex feedback from their robotics fleets.

Still, in the stealth mode, Formant aims to make it possible to operate businesses in which the humans and machines work together at scale. By providing with a secure cloud infrastructure, the company enables analysis and insight into the data these machines produce with a convenient and frictionless way. Formant wants to unify communications across this wide variety of roles, which is unlocking the shared potential of robots and humans.

Its first product will launch in 2019.

Signalfire invests $6m

“The prevalence of autonomous machinery will now soon be growing exponentially in the coming years across a wide range of industries, but there is no infrastructure in place to handle the abundance of rich sensor data that these tools will produce. Formant aims to be one of the premier solutions to manage the data exhaust coming from these robots and turn it into valuable insights, and we’re thrilled to support them” said Chris Farmer, Founder & CEO of SignalFire. “Formant is one of the most uniquely positioned to facilitate the next wave of some of the more hybrid workforces.”

“We founded Formant to answer some of the highlight and the biggest problem that faces some of the more automation today: robots produce too much information, in disparate forms that cannot be viewed simultaneously,” said Jeff Linnell, founder, and CEO of Formant.


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