Flexera Software To Acquire Rightscale Inc

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Flexera Software in a report which has been revealed says it wants to help enterprises keep a lid on their cloud spending, acquiring RightScale Inc. for an undisclosed price today to beef up its ability to do that.

Flexera, which is also one of the largest software asset management provider that sells tools that help enterprises to automate many of the tasks which are highly required to maintain compliance with software licenses, thereby controlling their spending. Flexera’s tools help enterprises to gain visibility and control of their information technology assets, which also helps to reduce ongoing software costs and maintain continuous license compliance.

As for RightScale, it bills itself as leading cloud management and cost optimization platform provider. The company sells tools that help enterprises to manage resources and services distributed across multiple public and private clouds.


It also offers a cloud cost management service which is known by the name as Optima, which is sold as a standalone product on lease or sale for big organizations. The company is known as well for its annual “State of the Cloud” report on cloud infrastructure adoption, which it will continue to publish on schedule.

Flexera said it’s acquiring RightScale so that they can integrate its software asset management tools with a comprehensive cloud management platform since its customers have been asking for these capabilities.

“We’re very excited about this acquisition – it’s transformational for Flexera and our customers,” Jim Ryan, chief executive officer of Flexera, said in a statement. “Sixty percent of IT’s budget is driven by spend in software, hardware, and cloud. Public cloud spend is growing rapidly and our customers have been very clear on their desire to manage public cloud costs with Flexera.”

Flexera reckons that by combining its SAM platform with RightScale’s cloud cost optimization capabilities, it can enable “complete spend optimization” across on-premises, infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service. “RightScale becomes now part of a nonclient company, Flexera, which now gets its public cloud data,” Mueller said. “I expect Flexera to put that data to work with hybrid cloud decision tools for CIOs.”


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