First Human Trials COVID-19 Vaccine RNA-based Is Underway at Imperial Researchers

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COVID-19 RNA-based vaccine is underway at Imperial College London. It is the first vaccine, which will be tested on humans and will get to know whether it is safe to boost the immune system to deal with COVID-19.

Imperial said that it is the first vaccine named RNA technology, which is made by using novel techniques. This technology allows scientists to address emerging diseases. All the vaccine candidates were properly developed and then sent for a clinical trial after receiving £41 million funding from the British Government along with £5m donations.

As per the animal studies, the vaccine is passed with safe and impactful signs for a healthy immune system. In the upcoming clinical trials, a dose will be given to 300 participants in their two visits, and then an initial dose. Later, the last or second dose will be given to the participants after four weeks. This can be a hope to improve the immune system to fight against the virus. In case, the first test goes properly or passed, then Phase lll is going to take place in the later half of the year by taking 6000 volunteers for testing. 

First Human Trials COVID-19 Vaccine RNA-based Is Underway at Imperial Researchers

Professor in the Department of Infectious Disease at Imperial, Robin Shattock said that for the long-term, a strong, effective vaccine can play a role to protect and help people to improve their health and wellness. 

Shattock said, with all the technologies around we have been working to make a strong vaccine at ultimate speed. We have started making the vaccine from a scratch and now we are in a place to take the vaccine forward and test on humans in a very few months, which is unprecedented when it comes to making this type of vaccine.

The researchers are planning to publish the findings as soon as they make the proper and safe data available for everyone.


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