FemTech Startup Inne Raises $8.8M To Develop Its Contraception Tool

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Berlin-based FemTech startup Inne raised €8 million (~$8.8M) Series A to introduce hormone-tracking subscription product for fertility-tracking and natural contraception. The product will come to light in the first quarter of 2020. Blossom Capital led series A witnessed the participation of early Inne investor Monkfish Equity along with a number of angel investors. 

Founded in 2016, Inne describes itself as a “hormone-based mini lab for women” with a mission of “protecting women from invasive contraceptive methods.” Zeroing in on reproductive health, many FemTech has been popping up in recent years as part of the application of biotech in many ways.

An earlier version of contraception based FemTech product is periods and menstrual cycle checking apps. Clue and Flo are at the forefront of such apps. Even though we have to add our life updates on Flo manually, it helped millions of women to track the period cycle and to schedule life accordingly.

FemTech Startup Inne Raises $8.8M To Develop Its Contraception Tool

Inne goes further and disrupts the FemTech industry with its new product that firm calls “a tool of radical self-knowledge.” It provides a realistic condition of women by analyzing cervical fluid. 

The tool developed by Inne is quite easy to use and get daily results. Also, founder Eirini Rapti describes the product as a “mini-lab.” You have to lay the Inn strip on your tongue for 30 seconds. By plugging the stripe into the reader, you can track cervical fluid. It gives detailed results in 10 minutes. 

The team started working on the tool since 2017, and it’s now available for pre-order. However, the shipping is beginning in the first quarter of 2020 to the selected European markets. Even though Inne is yet to make a formal announcement, it gained European certification as a medical device. It is targeting women aged 28-40 to make better family plans. 

Beyond tracking contraception, Eirini plans to bring more innovative products and services, especially an improved hormone tracking system.


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