Federal Review Confirms Early CDC Tests Delayed Due To Contamination

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According to a new federal review, the COVID-19 test kits conducted was failed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because the kits were possibly detected contaminated. The scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were blamed that they have only checked anonymous kits during the manufacturing process rather than thoroughly checking all the kits. 

The federal review was conducted by departments of the US-based Health and Human Services' (HHS) 2 lawyers have stated that there was 'time pressure' to launch testing at the CDC, which is why the lab practices might have been inadequate in preventing the contamination risk. However, the lawyers at the department's general counsel's office have requested to decline to tell their names.  

However, neither the review nor the accompanying statement from HHS's chief spokesman from President Donald Trump's office had released no blame to any CDC scientist or official by name.

Federal Review Confirms Early CDC Tests Delayed Due To Contamination

In late January, at Atlanta-based CDC's headquarters, the first confirmation has come from Trump administration review that the original test kits were possibly contaminated. In general, HHS has protected the administration's efforts to counter the pandemic.

After weeks of delay, the 3-page review also resembled that the likely contamination of kit ultimately gives rise to the CDC to shed off the problematic component of the test kit. The component was meant to detect coronavirus strains other than the one that causes COVID-19, the fatal disease that had killed 117,000+ Americans to date.

On 18th April, major American daily newspaper, The Washington Post, has reported that the test kits had produced false-positive results caused by the CDC's contamination test kit. Before analyzing the samples from actual positive coronavirus patients, the test was conducted on 24 of the first 26 public health labs that tried them out. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also declared that the test kit failed. The reason was that while manufacturing the test kits, the CDC violated its own laboratory protocol and substandard manufacturing practices. This FDA concluded information was also mentioned in the recent post review.


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