Facebook’s Gaming Hub Comes To Android In Limited Beta

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The largest social media giant, Facebook has launched Fb.gg which is an online gaming hub and Twitch competitor which is much more specially designed to attract game streamers and their fans to watch the videos on Facebook apart from just that of the rival sites. The platform shows the videos which are based on which games and streaming celebrities used follow, plus liked pages and groups and some of the other additional suggestions of what to watch. Now, the company is launching the Fb.gg on its Android platform.

According to the report, as of now, it is in beta testing. According to the Google Play report, the app allows the fans and gamers to discover a wide range of gaming content, to connect with communities and creators and play instant games like the Basketball FRVR, Jumble words and others.

Facebook as of now is trying to woo the community of gaming for some time, to compete with the Google Youtube and Amazon Twitch. As there is a growing market for game streaming and viewing, with the young teenage viewers tuning in an average of around 3+ hours a week to watch.

facebook’s gaming hub

Facebook has also started testing the monthly subscription plan option with the game streamers, which is much more similar to Youtube and Twitch. To compete with both the platform Facebook needs to go on mobile as well, especially when the upcoming messenger redesign will hide up the extraneous features just like mobile gaming. That is where Fb.gg comes into the picture.

The Android version of the Fb.gg has been launched on the 9th of October and has already done with the 10000+ installs according to the Google play report.

“We recently started testing a standalone gaming app on Google Play that builds on the experience of fb.gg, our destination on Facebook for people to find gaming content in one place,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch. “The fb.gg app is currently in beta with a limited set of features and available in the Philippines. We’re using the beta phase to get feedback from the gaming community and will make a decision on whether we roll it out further based on that response,” they said.


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