Facebook Testing ‘Block Comment’ Feature

One of the largest social media platform Facebook is now testing an interesting new feature that will be going to help users combat bullying, abuse, and harassment on the platform. Online harassment has been a major issue that has plagued most of the social media platforms for a long time now. Facebook, for its part, has been taking a number of actions to fight against the issue and the upcoming feature which appears to be another one in the lineup.

According to a report, Facebook users will soon now be able to block comments which contain particular words, emoji’s, phrases from appealing on their personal timelines.

As per the latest post by the developer on the Twitter, the new Facebook feature will allow the user to select a particular word, or a group of words, or even the emoji that they do not want to appear on their timeline. The report also shared a screenshot of the feature that is currently under the development phase. As per the image, when any user blocks a certain type of words, then the Facebook will notify that the users who post their comments and their friends will still be able to see them.

The new comment filtering feature is much more similar to the one that Facebook-owned Instagram has already launched. Instagram has been allowing its users to filter the comments, with the default keywords and custom keywords for a long time now. Moreover, Twitter also has a feature which is called Muted Words that will let the users ban some of the particular words from their timelines.

Facebook may let users pick works that they want to filter out, or it may suggest certain words or phrases itself. As of now, there is no clarity on whether the feature will be available for the news feed as well. It is worth noting that Facebook is currently testing the feature and it has not been rolled out yet. As of now, there is no official information regarding the feature from the company.

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