Facebook Sells 3D, VR Software Oculus Medium Tool To Adobe

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Facebook is selling its virtual reality sculpting tool Oculus Medium to Adobe, which is an essential step towards the executive usage of VR. Oculus Medium has grown to immense popularity within a few years, and it is considered as the masterpiece product built by Oculus.

Medium, the VR app that is designed by famous tech and VR firm Oculus, came in to being in 2016. It is mainly used to create 3D assets. In 2014, Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion two years prior to the launching of Medium.

Oculus Medium was run separately, though it was owned by Facebook. The social media giant had invested immense funding to the sculpturing app that allows users to carve, model, and paint in an immersive environment. The app is used to create both films and video games, and it works on the PC-based Oculus Rift headset.

Facebook Sells 3D, VR Software Oculus Medium Tool To Adobe

Adobe, one of the world’s leading creative software, has contributed to 3D arts. Its tools, like Adobe Dimension, is pretty popular. The acquisition will elevate the standards and applicability of Medium. However, neither Oculus nor Adobe did not comment more about the latest deals. 

According to Oculus Medium blog post, the company is quite excited to work with Adobe and believes that it would be a priceless contribution to the VR community. This deal will also lead VR to come out of the gaming sector and establish a presence in other fields as well.

“We are looking forward to bringing Adobe in the field of 3D modeling,” Oculus wrote in the blog post.

The app is currently free when you activate your controllers on the Oculus store, and it is planning to add more features, improvements, and other developments in the coming year in cooperation with Adobe.

In November at Adobe Max, the company revealed Adobe Aero app as part of Adobe creative cloud. It is the first tool that allows designers to build and share immersive and interactive experiences in AR without using any coding skills. It’s now accessible as a free of cost mobile iOS app for phones and tablets. Last year, Adobe invested $6.43 billion to obtain Marketo and Magento and has enlarged its mergers and acquisitions department.


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