Facebook’s Off-Facebook Activity Tool To Control Data Sharing

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Facebook officially announced the launch of its new tool Off-Facebook Activity that would enable a user to remove or block the data shared by third-websites and apps with Facebook.

The new feature provides the user with more control with respect to what kind of data Facebook can access. The company was also quick to add that it won't delete any of the data but would block the incoming data that is shared by the third-party. Any existing data shared by the third party would also be removed from Facebook through this platform.

Facebook started working on this project last year that was initially termed as “Clear History” feature. Facebook had been facing a lot of heat in regards to violating the privacy policy of its users and sharing their personal information with proper authorization.

In the middle of the turmoil, Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement last year to emphasize the fact that the company indeed valued the privacy of its users. With a new name, the feature is finally set to roll out on 20th August after a year of being under the wraps.  

The recent allegations have forced Facebook to take a different approach, and the company has introduced a number of tools to enable transparency and gain the trust of its users.

The company unveiled a new feature last month that provides more clarity to the user on why he sees the ad and what he can do if he doesn't want to see that in his new feed.

Facebook streams a video close to the ad that guides the user with the step by step process to prevent the display of similar ads.

“We at Facebook want people to know this is happening. Every single aspect of this product follows the principle of progressive disclosure,” quoted David Baser, Director of Product Management, leading Facebook’s privacy and data use team.

The new feature is initially set to launch in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain with a global launch just around the corner.


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