UK Facebook Unveils New Tool and Project for Scam Ad Prevention

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Tackling the epidemic scam adverts, UK Facebook has today launched a new tool and £3m donation project thanks to the campaigning defamation lawsuit by Martin Lewis.

It was in April last year, Martin Lewis filed a case against Facebook. More than 1000 scam adverts used his name and his picture, and he proceeded the case with a few but significant demands.

In 2019 January, Facebook had agreed on two solutions to fight the scam adverts as Lewis demanded. One was to donate £3 million to Citizens Advice to provide with a U.K. scam action project, and the other was launching a scam ad reporting tool. As agreed, Facebook materialized both demands for the U.K. users, and the services will be available from today. 

The Citizens Advice Scam Action (CASA) project will provide one-on-one help for consumers. The £3m donation as a settlement with Martin Lewis will use to help those who have been scammed and already lost money. The amount will also be used for enacting more effective steps to tackle the scams. The cell is already activated to report scam incidents by calling 0300 330 3003 for one-on-one help. Webchat service is also available at


The new tool to report scam ads is already visible to Facebook users in the U.K. It can be used by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of every ad on Facebook, going with ‘Report ad’, then choosing ‘Misleading or scam ad’ and then ‘Send a detailed scam report’. Facebook will set up a new internal team to review all the reports immediately. Besides, the team also meant to enhance the system of scam ad reporting. 

"We know online scams affect thousands of people every year. We’re pleased the agreement between Martin Lewis and Facebook. As a result, we could set up this dedicated service to give more help to people who have fallen victim to online scams,” the chief executive of Citizens Advice Gillian Guy said. 

Facebook also assured it would look into this issue more cautiously worldwide. At a global level, the company tripled the size of security and placed 30,0000 people to ensure the removal of bad content from  Facebook, according to the vice president for northern Europe at Facebook Steve Hatch.


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