What Does Facebook’s New Capital Brand FACEBOOK Signify?

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Facebook has announced its new brand as part of reinventing the company. Now, it is fully-capitalized multi-colored FACEBOOK. According to the Facebook blog, the new brand is “to be clearer about the products that come from Facebook.”

The social media users received FACEBOOK with mixed reactions; some are funny, and some are serious with sharp criticism. The rebranding is, of course, points toward a modified structure and services that are coming in the future. The capitalization in three colors including blue, green: the blue is for Facebook, green for WhatsApp, and the last one is for Instagram the same to the color of Instagram. 

However, Facebook rolls out the ‘caps lock’ version only in images, not written. It will be primarily appearing under WhatsApp and Instagram as ‘Powered by FACEBOOK.’

What Does Facebook’s New Capital Brand FACEBOOK Signify

 “Certainly, at the onset of any work we’re doing, we consider a whole host and broad range of possibilities. We think, though, we always have been and always will be Facebook. And it’s vital we’re true to that. And we honor that. That’s not something we’re looking to shy away from,” says Luke Woods, VP of Design at Facebook.

According to Facebook, it is all about clarity, meaning clarity for the users to distinguish its various products. In other words, to emphasize the OWNERSHIP OF FACEBOOK of WhatsApp and Instagram. Instead of innovating a new brand, the multi-products owner used capital letters and already existing color combinations, and it can be interpreted as the confirmation of its strengthening power in the world. Yet, a rebranding brings a lot of expectations, and many Facebook fans are waiting for the developments. 

According to NBC News, Google made a similar move for an ownership structure in 2015. But it resulted in the Alphabet as the parent company of Google. Interestingly, Yahoo redesigned the brand exactly opposite to Facebook’s style, making all the letters lowercase.


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