Facbook to Add Watch Party Feature To Messenger

One of the largest Social Media Channel Facebook has launched its Watch Party Feature earlier this year, which will let people in a Facebook Group watch videos in sync, reacting and commenting together. According to some of the new code which is added to the Messenger spotted by the developer, the company may soon be going to expand a similar sort of feature to the Messenger Chats according to the report.

On the basis of the spotted code snippets, it looks like that the “Watch Videos Together” feature would soon work a lot like the Watch Party: drop a video in Messenger and user will be to ping that person in the Messenger thread, so that it can be watched at the same time or the later point of time.

Facebook is also planning to support this feature for the videos which are merely hosted on the Facebook, which means that user now won't be able to use this for, say, hosting a remote movie night with your friends on the Netflix.

Facebook has also commented that this is an “internet test” which does not tell us much more about whether Facebook will be going to release the feature anytime soon. But this functionality has also already existed for the group so that it is easy to imagine that Facebook would also want to offer similar options too much more private Messenger threads.

A fascinating question this co-viewing feature brings up is where users will find videos to watch. It might just let you punch in a URL from Facebook or share a video from there to Messenger. The app could put a new video browsing option into the message composer or Discover tab.  Or if it really wanted to get serious about chat-based co-viewing, Facebook could allow the feature to work with video partners, ideally YouTube.

Other apps like YouTube’s Uptime (since shut down), and Facebook’s first president Sean Parker’s Airtime (never took off) have tried and failed to make co-watching a popular habit. The problem is that coordinating these synced-up experiences with friends can be troublesome. By baking simultaneous video viewing directing into Messenger, Facebook could make it as seamless as sharing a link.

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