Facebook Adds New Feature “Sleep Mode” To Messenger For Kids

After recent controversies about privacy and data leak, Facebook's Messenger Kids under 13-years old children has changed some of its features giving more control to parents over their kids' contact list. According to the news, today the app has introduced all-new feature looking at the current scenario “Sleep Mode”. It allows parents to turn off the app at decided times. The idea behind the feature is to give more control to parents to allow their children specific time to talk to people or whom they talk and focusing on the major activities like school work, play time, etc.

There are a lot of controversies going on around about the app saying kids should be playing outside rather than using social media and getting wrong impression or wrong learning from the social media app. There is a major question about the children's privacy also after the Facebook data breach. Parents also play the crucial part in deciding the usage of these kinds of apps, many children making mistake and then having their devices taken away in punishment.

But if we look at the practicality of the feature, it is too late to control things. We see children doing Facetime their way through Roblox playdates, texting friends, watching youtube videos, even if we talk about some adult apps like Snapchat, they are begging to use it, also Musical.ly is one of them which have a lot of inappropriate content for children.

Recently we saw Snapchat for children changing their snap map operation in Europe as it has become a major concern of privacy nowadays. But Facebook Messenger for Kids has offered a lot in terms of monitoring and education. The main focus behind creating these kinds of apps are making kids learn through entertainment but as we know there is no limit to the internet, it might take another turn too.

The new feature Sleep Mode allows parents to control the app from their phone or app. Any of the parents can turn off and turn on the app from their device. To configure the app, you will have to access the Messenger Kids app controls from the main Facebook app and tap on the child's name. It allows the parents to create several kinds of setting for different timings and days. If the child tries to use the app during the blocked times, he/she will receive a message saying App is in Sleep Mode and ask them to come back later.


Reference: TechCrunch

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