Facebook and LinkedIn Demand Clearview AI To Stop Scraping Images And Information

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Facebook and LinkedIn have sent a cease-and-desist letter to Clearview AI to stop its data scrape from their social networking platform. Facebook's spokesperson said that scraping people's information violates their policies, that is the reason they demanded Clearview to stop using information from Facebook or Instagram

On the other hand, LinkedIn spokesperson said that our terms of service do not authorize us to scrape member's information, and it stands for the protection of its members by sending a cease & desist letter to Clearview AI.

Earlier this month, Twitter was first that opposed Clearview's technology, which has scrapped a gigantic number of pictures from social media and websites to develop its facial recognition database. A week back, YouTube has also followed suit and demanded to Clearview AI to stop its facial recognition practice from its platform, whereas Google has demanded the same.

Facebook and LinkedIn Demand Clearview AI To Stop Scraping Images And Information

Besides, Clearview's low profile, more than 600 police departments across the US city, uses its massive, searchable photo database as a part of their law enforcement efforts. But now the police department has distanced themselves from Clearview AI, saying that they don't have any link up with this startup.  

Generally, an individual or a firm receives a cease-and-desist letter to stop any unauthorized activity and ask not to start it again. Earlier this cease-and-desist letter, major social media platforms have officially sent many letters to Clearview to clarify the policies and also asked for various information about its practices. 

Clearview AI came into the picture when a leading publishing firm had published about the startup earlier this month. It has a database help law enforcement quickly identify persons of interest. Even it has claimed that Indiana State Police were able to solve a case in about 20 minutes by using its app.

Clearview AI's CEO Hoan Ton has argued with social media companies saying that Clearview AI is built in a way that we can only take the information which is available publicly and index it that way as it has a right to use the data as well.


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