Facebook ‘Lasso’ Short Form Video App Launched For Android, iOS

In order to take over the teens, one of the largest social media platform Facebook, has now quietly launched the new app which is called by the name as “Lasso.”  The standalone app allows users to create and share short videos with new filters and special effects which is much more similar to the popular TikTok app which has now recently merged with the Musical.ly.

Lasso is currency as of now is available in America on both the iOS and Android, and there is no word on its global availability. The app was first reported to be in development in the month of October as Facebook’s way to bring back the more users to its platform.

According to the survey in May, only 51% of teens in America use Facebook, which is a drop from the 71% back in the year 2014. Moreover, around 69% of the teens use the Snapchat, 72% say that they use the Instagram, and around 85% use YouTube. With the help of Lasso, Facebook also hopes to win back the heart of the users.

Lasso is much more similar to the TikTok in that as the users can create short videos of them with the help of a lip-syncing to music. The app is equipped with the help of video editing tools and allows the users to add the add text and some other filters as well. Users can also discover some of the latest video using the latest hashtags.

“Lasso is a new standalone app for short-form, entertaining videos. We're excited about the potential here, and we'll be gathering feedback from people and creators,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNET on Friday. As of now, Lasso videos can be shared on Facebook stories, but users will also be allowed to share them as Instagram stories as well in the future. All profiles and videos on the app are public with no option to keep your profile private.

It will be much more interesting to see how the Lasso app fares once a broader rollout takes place. Social media platform, Facebook short video maker comes to a couple of years after the TikTok and a little over the four years after the Musical.ly.

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