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World largest social media platform Facebook has more than with 2.2 billion users, is all about capitalizing on a scale, and so today it announced that it would be sunsetting three apps in its stable that simply weren’t keeping them up. After failing to gain traction, Hello, Moves and tbh will all be depreciated in the coming weeks, the company announced today. The company also revealed that it will delete all the data of an application with the 90 days without any prior notice.

“We regularly review our apps to assess which ones people value most. Sometimes this means closing an app and its accompanying APIs,” said Facebook. “We know some people are still using these apps and will be disappointed — and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. But we need to prioritize our work so we don’t spread ourselves too thin. And it’s only by trial and error that we’ll create great social experiences for people.”

Moves came to Facebook by way of an acquisition four year earlier as the tracking and fitness application. There was a time when Facebook appeared to be interested in exploring and generating more about how people might use their Facebook social graphs to share more data about their own regimes of fitness and to possibly use Facebook not just as a place to share but also to track progress. With its acquisition of Moves, it might have been the case that Facebook believed that it could take a more direct role in that individual process.

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In the end, Moves the app hasn’t been updated in more than a year, and it languishes at around 616 in the fitness category today. It will be shut down in the coming weeks, Facebook said.

The Hello app was launched in the year 2015 and was part of Facebook’s wider strategy to build more communications services to bridge the gap within different users, targeting those specifically in the latest dominating markets.

In the case of Hello, the application was only available on Android and was available in some of the countries which include the U.S., Nigeria, and Brazil.


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