Facebook, Google Tools Reveal Political Ad Tactics

Public databases which shine a light on the political advertisement launched by the Google, and Facebook yesterday in US election, offers the public the first broad view of how quickly the companies yank the advertisements which break their rules.

The database also provided campaigns unprecedented insight into the opponents online marketing, which enables them to capitalize on the weakness of the political strategies, the company revealed in a statement.

Facebook and Google, introduced the databases this year to give the sort of details on some of the political ads bought on their services, which is a response to the US prosecutors, allegations which Russian agents who deceptively interfered in the year 2016 election purchased ads from the companies.

Based on the databases, around 436 ads were going to be displayed of up to 20.5 Million times and cost up to $582000, which also amounts to a fraction of the millions of dollars spent in those races. An advertisement that is OK when scanned may also become the non-compliant if they surely link to a website which later breaks down.

Google database covers $54 Million in the spending by the US campaigns since the month May, and Facebook has spent $354 Million according to their databases.

The Facebook figure is larger part because of the set of its database which also includes the ads from federal races but also for state contests, some of the national issues and get out the vote efforts.

The Morgan revealed that his team had tripled its online advertising budget to $600000  for the San Francisco affordable housing tax after the Facebook database showed their other side of the ads were reaching the non-California’s. That political intelligence “let us know that digital was a place we could run up the score,” he said.

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