Facebook Messenger AI Tools Report Out

One of the largest social media platforms, Facebook now will allow anyone to freely download and use the same Artificial Intelligence tool, which is used to make some of the major key improvements to the social network video and notifications features as well as its Messenger Messaging App.

The software which the company has known it as ‘Horizon,’ will now be available on the code repository platform ‘Github’ starting from coming Sunday. The company revealed in a blog post.

Facebook is going to use this set of tools internally to optimize how the 360-degree videos are displayed on the social media channel, by taking into account some of the factors such as the available bandwidth and how much of the video has already been buffered. The same tools are also going to use for the improvement of what content to push with the help of notifications. And it was also used to hone the suggestions that its intelligent assistant which is known as M, makes use of its Messenger app.

The Horizon software is much more focused on the reinforcement learning, in which the software improves itself by the method and experiment of trial and error to maximize reward or minimize some loss rather than from the data sets.

“We're committed to open source, so it was a natural decision to share this latest production-ready system for the community,” Narayanan said. Facebook also follows some of the other Artificial Intelligence research groups, which includes the Alphabet DeepMind and GoogleBrain Artificial Intelligence teams, and OpenAI, which have also recently.

Jason Gauci, a Facebook engineer who worked on Horizon, said in an email that Facebook was the first company to make what it calls “an end-to-end”‘ reinforcement learning program designed for addressing large-scale business problems freely available.

Gauci said that, in general, using an actual simulator would be better than doing this counter-factual analysis. “But for many problems at Facebook, building a simulator is not trivial,” he said. “The team is looking into building simulators from datasets as future work.”

Once the algorithm seems to be working well, Horizon allows users to carry out small-scale online experiments, using real data in real time, and then gradually roll the new algorithm out to larger sets of users or data. This entire process can then be repeated, with the fully-trained algorithm being used as the starting point for a new training series.

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