Facebook Denies Allowing Partners Access to User Messages

Facebook, has reiterated that it never allowed its partners like the Spotify and Netflix to access the user's private messages without their consent.

In a new blog post which has been revealed by the Facebook Vice President said that they had worked closely with the four partners to integrate messaging capabilities into their products so that people could message their Facebook friends, but only if they chose to use the Facebook login.

“These experiences are much more common in the industry — think of being able to have Amazon Alexa read the email aloud or to read the email on Apple's Mail application itself,” said Archibong.

The second round of rebuttal came after a New York Times reports claimed that Facebook allowed the larger technology companies and popular apps like the Spotify or Netflix access to its user personal information.

“People could even message their friends about what they were listening to on Spotify or simply watching on the Netflix, share folders on Dropbox, or get receipts from money transfers with the help of the Royal Bank of Canada app.  “These experiences were publicly discussed. And they were clear to users and only available when people logged into these services with the help of Facebook services. Moreover, they were experimental and have now been shut down for being nearly more than three years,” said Archibong.

In a statement given by the Netflix to IANS, revealed that from the past few years they had tried various different ways to make the platform much more social.

“One example of this was a feature we la unched in the year 2014 which also helps and enabled members to recommend TV shows and movies to their Facebook friends with the help of Messenger or Netflix.  “It was never that popular so we shut the feature down in the year 2015.” said a Netflix executive.

According to the Facebook executive, it worked with some of their partners to build messaging integrations into their apps so people could send messages to their Facebook friends easily and quickly.

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