Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos Prior To The Presidential Election

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Under the Presidential Election Campaign held in the US, Facebook has announced the ban of deepfake videos and photos. Facebook is aiming to stop the spread of deepfake and misleading information before the election.

The videos which are “edited or synthesized” using artificial intelligence that might appear misleading to viewers will be removed by the Facebook team. However, Facebook will not remove or ban imitation or satire videos. If the video is a bit modified with deepfakes than those videos would be cross-checked with facts. It will put a limitation of sharing on the social networking site’s news feeds and also label as false. 

The ban on deepfake came into the picture after the improvised video of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, went viral on some social media platforms. Nancy Pelosi’s video was not created using AI; besides, it was improvised using another software to breach her speech. This viral video spread last summer and got a lot of traffic on Facebook. On this incident, when the press asked for comments, facebook refused to take responsibility and said they had not violated any company policies.  

Facebook Bans Deepfake Videos Prior To The Presidential Election

Other social media platforms like Twitter also faced the controversy of deepfake. In 2019 end, Twitter initiated modification of its deepfake policies and even asked for suggestions and feedback from users. Twitter showed concern about the importance of its future rules, yet it has not issued any new deepfake guidelines.

House Energy & Commerce Committee is about to held on Wednesday morning i.e., 8th January 2020. Facebook’s vice president of global policy management Ms. Bickert is expected to verify “manipulation and deception in the digital age” with other experts because Facebook is still considered the major platform allied in sharing false stories of politics according to invalid information researchers. It needs to spot and stop before the news spread all over immediately.


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