Facebook Apologises For Privacy Bug: Alerts 14 Million Users

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is trying its best to get into the good books of public again. On Thursday, Facebook said that it plans to alert about 14 million users who intend to post their stuff online privately but might have published it publicly. When you are about to post a video, a picture or a status on Facebook, you get to choose who can see it; you select your audience for the post through an option that's available saying Select Privacy. This setting remains typically the same once you have saved it as to save time and effort every time you post something on Facebook. During the time between 18 of May to 22 of May, Facebook claims, there was an issue with the bug. Although the bug was active, there was an automatic change in the settings to public.

The chief privacy officer of Facebook,  Erin Egan, said: We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this mistake. We are letting everyone who got hit by this bug aware of the situation that occurred and kindly requesting them to check the postings of that time period and make necessary changes. We have fixed the bug now.

Facebook says it changed the audience settings in the post area the way it used to be before this problem occurred. An alert in the form of a notification is sent to all the users affected by an explanation of the situation and an apology for the inconvenience. Facebook quite immediately accepted mistake on their part and this action clearly indicates their efforts to win back audiences trust after the privacy scandal it was involved in for a long time,  the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The data breach involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal was of significant concern as it included vast amounts of vital information which Facebook collects from its users' online behavior. This is done to attack them with advertisements based on what they browsed and what they liked.

Source: The Guardian, Source of the image: International Business Times

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