US FAA Releases Remote ID Technology To Track Drones

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The US FAA has proposed the latest new rule that all flying drones will be required a remote identification system. The government says that the remote technologies will increase safety and security by permitting the FAA, law enforcement. It allows security agencies to recognize drones flying in their authority.

In 2015, Federal Aviation Administration launched a registration process for drones. Mostly, 1.5 million drones and 1,60,000 remote pilots are registered in that process till now. Before one year, the firm established an automated system to permit flights in controlled airspace.

This newly suggested remote ID system follows earlier steps, it calls drone constructor to send identification codes and location of the drones. This rule will be mandatory to all the drones weightier than 0.55 pounds. The drone owners want two years’ time to follow all these rules.

US FAA Releases Remote ID Technology To Track Drones

Elaine Chao, Transportation Secretary says that the use of drones is increasing at a faster pace in the country. The safety of the drones in the airspace is vital.

Developing such a regulation will also pave the way for the companies to move to the remote ID market. Analysts say that it could be a $1.25 billion business By 2029. And there are already several players in the market.

The rules do not only address ongoing safety but also identifies risk in some areas like stadiums and airports. It also manages the issues in crowding skies. Such remote ID systems smooth the way for Amazon and other companies to go forward with drone delivery systems.

Vice President at DJI, Brendan Schulman says that DJI has already recommended to provide a remote identification system for the drones which would provide security, safety, and accountability.  

In 2017, the FAA’s own aviation rulemaking committee recognized that the remote identification system would not be going to succeed because the cost is very high and it will be affected by the drone operators.


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