Ezee Hybrid’s Innovative Petrol And Electric Driven Hybrid Scooter

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Pollution is one of the major causes of health and environmental degradation. Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, Hazardous air pollutants, Sulfur dioxide, and Particulate matter (can damage people’s lungs) are some of the primary toxic gas emissions from vehicles. 

According to Global Burden of Disease study, more than a million Indians died because of dirty and poisonous air. Transportation contributes more than 50% of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides and almost 25% of the hydrocarbons emission to the atmosphere.

An electric vehicle is a convenient option to tackle air pollution by avoiding the usage of internal combustion vehicles, which emits harmful and toxic gasses. However, adopting an e-vehicle by prohibiting existing petrol vehicles for 1.3 billion population is not appropriate; both practically and economically. Yet this step would also lead to extensive vehicle waste as well as shutting down of the automobile sector.  

Ezee Hybrid’s Innovative Petrol And Electric Driven Hybrid Scooter

With the mission of converting the regular vehicle into a convenient electric hybrid vehicle, without investing the wholesome amount in buying a new e-vehicle, a former employee of Mahindra and Mahindra, Rakesh Meladath Karunakaran with his wife Winnie Gangadharan formed Meladath Auto Components in 2016. They together built the e-kit, which works on both electric and fossil fuel and fits perfectly in the 10 inches and 12 inches steel wheel scooter. 

Fuel scooters into electric scooters

The Bengaluru-based Meladath’s e-kit is a modernized kit for a regular scooter. The firm has recently registered its brand as ‘Ezee Hybrid’; it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to convert a petrol scooter into a hybrid electric scooter without any internal modification. The e-kit equipped with a removable lithium battery with the conveyance of recharging.

The lithium battery has the flexibility for recharging via domestic power sockets or power plugs; therefore, no special charging stations required. Once the Li-battery is fully charged, it covers a distance of 40kms and can switch to petrol mode after the discharge of the battery without any fitting or welding or fabrication job.

Mr. Rakesh, the founder of Meladath e-kit, says e-kit’s hybrid feature of driving in both petrol and electric will relax the buyers with an unlimited range at disposal and no lead time to recharge the battery to continue commuting. 

According to him, this innovation will help the Indian government to achieve the set target by 2020. Opting e-kit will ultimately reduce petrol usage; with keeping the environment healthier with a 15% reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions. Meladath Auto Components is one of 15 winners of the Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2.0 organized by Tata Trusts. More than 30 dealerships have shown interest across PAN India Meladath’s e-kit is not yet commercialized. 

The Vice President of VOLVO Construction Equipment India, Dimitrov Krishnan, has been a mentor to Rakesh since the early stage of his startup. The Chairman of  WABCO, M Lakshminarayan and Veerendra BK, MD of Lamda components believed and supported him with mentorship. The entrepreneur had also received its funding from ELEVATE 100, the flagship initiative for startup development backed by the Karnataka government in 2017.

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