Expresso for Stepping Toward The Professional Writing

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There is no definition of good content or writing, it is only recognized when you go through the flow of content’s readability and clearer understanding. The choice of words used is very important as that takes the reader to the imagination of writers build-up story effortlessly. The engagement of words holds the reader and keeps his interest alive throughout.  

Learning how to write excellent and engaging content is undoubtedly tough. However, there are some tricks that many professional writers and novelist follow and the same tricks for quicker learning to improve the standard of your writing is offered by Expresso

Expresso is a writing editing software that not only edits texts but also helps the writer in improving the writing style and quality by analyzing your standard of writing. It will open the chest of knowledge to bestow you with all the aspects so that you can write expressively and efficiently. This writing software will help you make your content readable and engaging with the precision of words and expressions. 

Expresso for Stepping Toward The Professional Writing

Privacy is a major consideration taken while making Expresso, it does not save the typed content. You can only write in it, without any content storage and sharing. It only calculates the metrics as per your writing style and shows a preview, which teaches you the techniques to directly apply to your writing.   

Mikhail Panko, Boston University pass out with Ph.D. in Computational neuroscience, has worked with various eminent organizations like Google, MIT, Coursera and presently at Uber. Before Expresso, Mikhail has founded Grakon, Russian Federation in 2012, and he created Expresso in 2014. 

The first version of Expresso was built with the Natural Language Toolkit library. Last year, Expresso upgraded to use spaCy, an open-source software powerful and fast library for advanced Natural Language Processing. The up-gradation of the new NLP library will allow Expresso to speed up text analysis and improve metrics correctness, and add new metrics build as per the syntax of the text.

Expresso highlights weak areas of your content and advises you to avoid it. Besides, it also helps you to develop an eye for incorrect phrasing and capabilities for appropriate fixes.   

It provides approx 10 synonyms to make the statement more compelling and readable. It clears all the weak verbs and fillers to deliver engaging content. Complex nouns, long noun phrases, and clustered nouns slow the reader and confuse, Expresso finds and rearranges them to more specific words. Sometimes, pronouns are unclear when they are overused, but Expresso’s entity substitutions convert them to full entities with adjectives, nouns, and adverbs. 

It helps in replacing negations with similar meanings for unbreakable content. It converts the statement into an active voice for a better understanding of readers. Expresso also removes models like a must, would, should, may, which leads to weakening the statement.  For improving readability, it breaks extra-long sentences to short and extra-short statements to appropriate length to make it meaningful. A fragment is a powerful feature for laying tone and communicating feelings; when not correctly used, it can also confuse the reader, whereas Expresso rephrases to add a predicate.


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