Experts Talk About Chaos in Lab-Tested Marijuana Flower Batches

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Marijuana, a legalized drug now in America, is flourishing mainstream in different states for medicinal benefits” said by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). With a rise in the CBD market, marijuana has undergone lab-testing and found that marijuana supplements are abating in the earlier months. 

Many cannabis experts alleged that “It’s too early to reach out conclusion based on the test results and the legal market might undergo regular seasonal fluctuation.”

According to the survey led by Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), the number of CBD tested products dropped to 20% between April and June 2019.

The recent statistics show that the marijuana batches are 5113 in April 2019 and suddenly dropped to 4111 in June. Overall, from January 2018 to July 5th, 2019, there are a total 56,609 marijuana batches that have tested so far.

Many researchers got jaded and scratching their heads over what’s happening with the CBD market because there is no much data available to estimate the legal market share. 

Swetha Kaul, chief scientific officer at CannalysisLabs, says “Is that reasonable to expect from a booming market? I don’t think it is,” She further adds conversing “At best if you look at it overall, it’s flat. But if you look at the last few months, it’s downward to a disturbing amount.” 

Though there is no clear-cut response from the authorities, Kaul and other fellow researchers state that it is due to the seasonal effect and will revert in summers when the cannabis growers harvest the crops. 

Tony Daniel, a member of Area marijuana testing lab, says, “If I were to show you my testing volume over the past five years, it would track along with the BCC’s data.“

Further, they have noted the significance drop is due to the marijuana flower batches, sent for testing in small amounts. 

Kaul said the average flower batch found in the lab is roughly 22 pounds, which is the same as of Daniel. But, the quantities from vaporizer cartridges range from thousands of units to the tens of thousands.

On the other hand, cultivators adapted to these situations when lab testing of marijuana became necessary in California for checking pesticides and heavy metals. 

Liz Connors, director of analytics at Seattle-based Headset, told: “It’s difficult to come to a full conclusion without more data points.” He further added saying California is a “data-starved” market, which makes hard to analyze the BCC’s lab reports. 

The thing is the marijuana market is still growing, while the batches are becoming smaller and no decline in the revenue. What’s your opinion on marijuana lab-tested results? Are you a marijuana grower? How often you harvest the flowers and sell them to the retailers? By commenting below, you can be a part of the research and interact with professionals to clarify doubts.


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