Evercoin | A Cryptocurrency Exchange And Multicoin Wallet

Evercoin An Introduction

Evercoin is a cryptocurrency exchange service that lets its user's exchange between a wide range of cryptocurrencies without having to go through a registration process with the platform.

By eradicating the need for the registration, Evercoin presents its users with the ability to use a sort of “pay as you go” service when it comes to the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.

According to the official company vision, they have an aim to “transform the world financial infrastructure by making it more inclusive, participatory, democratic and rewarding for all stakeholders.”

So, here are some of the features of Evercoin:

Easy Exchange

Evercoin allows all of its customers to execute trades in a completely easy and hassle-free manner.

Wide Array of Assets Supported

Some of the currencies that can currently be exchanged on the platform which includes the ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, DASH, XRP, ZEC and many more.

Low Transaction Fee

According to the site, all of the fees that are traditionally charged by the online exchanges and trading platforms have been baked into their intrinsic pricing scheme. This helps eliminate the need for any additional charges or costs.


Since users never have to share their funds except for the transacting amounts with Evercoin, this model saves their funds from being subject to threating attempts from the malicious parties. As of now, Evercoin is said to have a good record with its user base and save for some of the few isolated instances here, and there has not created any of the major problems for its customers.


Since all of the transactions are done entirely through the public blockchains, the speed of individual transactions depends upon the “confirmation speed” of the particular blockchain. Let's say, for example, a Bitcoin exchange will take around 10 minutes, while on the other ETC takes around 10 seconds.

To Sum Up

Evercoin is US cryptocurrency exchange service. Their offering is quite simple and allows you to easily convert one coin into another.