Evarvest’s Spotify Style Trading App Will Change The Face Of Investing

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It hardly matters what profession you are into, but how do you invest your money does. Yes, investing in various stock markets has become a fad across the globe. If most of the markets are in the US, the investors are from various countries. Nowadays, youngsters start investing at an early age, and a few masters the art of trading. 

Unfortunately, many stock trading apps or platforms are not efficient with an impressive design or with a proper library, especially at a time when the stock markets are becoming more crowded and complicated. Stephanie Brennan, an Australian stock market expert and her second financial platform Evarvest are exceptional in many ways.

It’s Time To Simplify Investing

Plenty of youngsters and teenagers are into investment and the stock market. Those who grew up with Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, and so on, demand a very comprehensive, fast and user-friendly, and impressive platforms for trading as well. 

The trading enthusiasts are not just from the US, they are from all over the globe, and many markets are popping up in recent times. For a global community to trade in any market regardless of geo-location is essential.

Evarvest’s Spotify-Style Trading App Will Change The Face Of Investing

Evarest is on a sole mission to simplify the process of investing. In other words, Stephanie Brennan is to change the whole idea of investment and stock market platforms.

Evarvest: When What and Why?

Evarvest was launched in 2018 January to educate people to invest and to succeed in the market. The library has constantly been updating for two years, and it is already an active platform for many. At the same time, the app is going to be launched at the beginning of 2020, and the design is way more impressive.

Evarvest app is designed in Spotify-style, where the users can easily pick stock playlists. Other than checking your own stocks, you can also follow your friend’s and Evarvest’s top-performing investors’ portfolios.

The founder has accommodated around 30 stock markets scattered around the globe. She would like to popularize the markets which are located outside the US. The first launch markets will be available in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Poland, and Lithuania. Later, it will roll out in the US, Asia, and other countries. 

Legacy of Stephanie Brennan

Brennen, an Australian entrepreneur, is famous for her innovations in the investment sector. Even though she kept on moving with various jobs, investing was always her penchant. She started investing at an early age and learnt various aspects of investing. 

Later, she started her own financial service named Step Wealth that offers financial advice across various sectors, including financial planning, real estate, car, and business finance. She ran the startup for two years till 2016. The experience of running the company for two years sharpened her skills in finance. Moreover, she joined another firm as an advisor in 2016. Both the practices gave her a hands-on experience of trading and finance, and as a result, Evarest came into existence in January 2018. 

She is also known as Australia’s Youngest Property Tycoon. She has inspired a lot of young entrepreneurs, and interestingly, she is just 26 now!

Funding and Growth

As Evarvest closes its first round of crowdfunding, the amount it collected is double of what Brennen expected. It raised €228K in July 2019 to launch its well-integrated app. However, it is looking for potential investors. With its upcoming app, the startup will provide services at affordable prices combined with no minimum account balances.


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