Essity Introduces Virtual Reality App For Hand Hygiene Education

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Being one of the primary tools to fight healthcare-associated infections, hand hygiene education is quite important. Recognizing the need for new technology integration in the sector, Essity’s Tork brand launches Tork VR Clean Hands Training and Education app for healthcare professionals. 

The new technique will make education more engaging and practical. Besides, it is an output of the firm's recent collaboration with world-leading hand hygiene experts at the World Health Organization (WHO).

The recent survey made by Essity among health professionals concluded that 80% of them would like to improve their hand hygiene compliance.

Essity founded the unmet need by a large survey. The survey covered more than 1,000 healthcare professionals in five different countries. 40% of them said that they needed a proper hand hygiene education. 

Essity Introduces Virtual Reality App For Hand Hygiene Education

"This innovation uses engaging digital technology that brings a virtual `real-life' experience to healthcare hygiene education, which can improve hand hygiene compliance and result in the prevention of infections", says Don Lewis, President Professional Hygiene, Essity.

Behavioral scientists, university hospitals and experts in hand hygiene are collaborated to build the free of cost app.

As virtual reality plays an important role in transforming theoretical knowledge into an effective practical way, many sectors have been adopting VR. This new app will also provide practical training. 

Currently, the app is available to download the App Store and Google Play store. Through the virtual world, the participants confront different real-life situations and practice hand hygiene compliance using their own hands. 

The Tork VR Clean Hands Training and Education is a tangible solution that can be applied to the critical scenarios in the healthcare sector. 

The Tork brand is famous for its professional hygiene products and services to customers at a global level in different sectors. The Tork VR Clean Hands Training and Education will be a milestone in the hand hygiene field.


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