Get A+ In Your Paper with Innovative AI-Powered EssayBot

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After hours of hard work, when you are done with your content and you move towards a plagiarism checker to clear the plagiarized sentences. But what you come across on that specific platform is a number of highlighted areas and you have to re-write them by checking for synonyms and restructuring the sentences. 

However, what if a writing tool automatically does all these maneuvers for you? Yes, this sounds dreamy, but this is possible with EssayBot. It para-phrases the content for you to rectify the plagiarism issue and arrange the sentence appropriately. 

EssayBot is an AI-powered writing tool, which provides you with an effective essay title, the suggestion of the most relevant content. Essay Bot claims to offer original papers in a matter of minutes by rectifying plagiarism. EssayBot is also fun technology. It brings to you relevant information about that specific topic and also finds inspiring sources and suggestions as soon as you type your essay topic. 

Get A+ In Your Paper with Innovative AI-Powered EssayBot

Aaron Yin, the founder of EssayBot, built his first AI-powered text generation tool called Glever in 2017 to create resumes automatically and eventually helped millions by providing them with effective resumes.

Later in 2018, Essaybot was launched. Aaron considers EssayBot as a tool to help kids with their assignments and homework. During EssayBot’s initial development, Aaron majorly focused on college kids and observed that they use the same techniques to write an essay.

How Does It Work?

Essay Bot is very convenient to use. It not only searches a topic for you but also searches the best content and help you make your draft dynamic.  Moreover, it paraphrases your content to avoid any plagiarism infringement.  Now, it comes with a smart citation finder, which makes your essay look polished and professional, just like MLA & APA citations style in only a few clicks. It also generates citations matching with your essay. 

This writing tool has a plagiarism checker that checks every single word written initially in your essay and rewrites it. Besides, this feature will save your time as it works on its own and makes your essay so unique that it passes even the most advanced plagiarism checker. Its Information database picks the text for your content from millions of trustworthy websites where college students and scholars hunt for information on their papers.

This writing tool also has a grammar checker, which marks errors like spelling, punctuations, and provides suggestions to rectify errors. EssayBot also helps you to improve your writing each day. In contrast, it also has thousands of Article samples arranged in alphabetical order. 

EssayBot is a paid writing tool with 2 affordable subscription plans. There are monthly and yearly plans available with this tool. You have to pay $2.49 for a week and $9.95 for a month. This plan can be billed monthly, and you can cancel it anytime. The second plan costs $4.95 per month and comes with the convenience of paying annually, and the freedom to cancel the subscription anytime. It has two payment options for the convenience of its customers. The first is PayPal, which is widely used, and the second is Stripe.


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