Now Encrypt Email Attachments for Free Via Encyro

It's not breaking news that hackers can easily figure out how to gain access to unsecured information on your system–emails, chat sessions, phone calls, and files are all vulnerable. What many people don't know is that there is a tool that is Encryo which make it easy to fight back. Protect your valuable information with this.

Encryo An Introduction

Encryo an email encryption tool built to help secure the business emails and information contained within. It features the 16 layers of security, including NIST, approved FIPS 140-2 encryption technology to protect customer data and prevent unauthorized entities and parties access critical and confidential information.

With the Encryo, securing emails and email attachments is a breeze. Users are not required to create client accounts or shared folders. Client portals are not necessary. All they have to do is to write their emails, attach the necessary files or documents and Ecryo will automatically make the emails secure and virtually impenetrable to parties with no access permissions.

Let us look at some of the features of Encryo:

Minimize Costs

Sending the sensitive documents and files with the emails is extremely risky as anyone with the hacking expertise can access your emails and retrieve confidential for their own personal gain. But your clients find the emails to be one of the easiest ways to share and sent documents and demand that you provide them with the information they need whenever they want to share and send documents and demand that you provide them with the information they need whenever they want.

Creating secure accounts, shared folders, as well as managing and generating passcodes to secure emails can be quite costly.

Quick File Attachments Access

Accessing your secure file attachments need not be troublesome for your clients. All they have to do is click the link to their files and Encryo will grant them access. Whatever items you attached to your emails, no matter be it charts, documents, video clips or audio files. Encryo encrypts them all, and only those with the link have the permissions to view and retrieve them. Simplicity and security achieved.

Build Customer Trust

Encryo helps you earn and cultivate the trusts of your clients. This even leads them to be more appreciative of your business and encourage them to do more business with your organization. And when that happens, more business opportunities will surely come your way.


To Sum Up

Overall, it offers the great features to be used as an email encryption tool to secure the emails and attachments in it.