Edmodo The Largest Social Network To Communicate Teachers With School Students

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Nowadays, students can not share their views directly with teachers because they feel shy to ask and clarify their doubts in front of everyone. Considering this scenario, Edmodo came into existence, an education social networking tool, which provides an opportunity for the students to enhance their learning experience.

Emergence of Edmodo

Edmodo was founded in 2008 by Nick Borg, Jeff O'Hara, and Crystal Hutter. They wanted to compensate for the lack of IT workflow between teachers, students, and administration and then decided to design Edmodo. They worked together to establish a secure place to enable students, teachers as well as parents to connect and collaborate, access homework and other tasks, discuss classroom activities, and alert students for exam dates. 

What Is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a learning platform that aims at providing teachers with tools to connect and communicate with students and parents. By using this app, teachers can share content, videos, texts, assign tasks, and give homework online. Meant for K-12 classes and teachers, the app is free to use, however, its premium version is paid. It does not need any private information from the students.

It connects 80,000 schools and over 7.5 million students, teachers and parents. The communication tools of Edmodo enables students to take part in social learning such a way that encourages them to voice their thoughts. 

It also allows teachers to get plenty of students engaged, connect with more parents, and have each one more involved.  Edmodo allows students to interact online conveniently and enables teachers to give assignments, get in contact with parents and can ask immediate questions to students. Edmodo is available in six major languages; English, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

How Edmodo Works?

However, students have to log in up for the codes that are similar to every class and school, avoiding others to join in the network. This is one of the major reason for all the students was considered Edmodo as safe. It is easy to use and navigation features allow students to use the site without training. The app allows students to check grades, assignments whereas teachers can assign tasks and group activities to the students. It not only eliminates the time consumption but also brings aa new learning experience. It can be integrated on Android, iOS smartphones where learning can do anywhere at any time.

Edmodo is supported by Index Ventures, Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Learn Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Glynn Capital Management, Tenaya Capital, etc. In 2018, it was obtained by the Chinese gaming company Netdragon for $137.5 million. As of 2019, Edmodo has helped over 100 million users worldwide.

Edmodo’s mission is to develop a safe, secure, and private environment for students and teachers.


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