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The elite traders and fund managers share the same advice of maintaining a trading journal for tracking your trading behavior. It is indeed essential for anyone who is regular or even part-time traders, to track their previous performance. Where and how they have gained a profit and most essentially, you must figure out why they have made a loss. This is how every elite trader judges and learns the trades and avoids mistakes for further trading. Besides, the tracks can be maintained manually in MS Excel, but it invests a lot of time for modifications. To make your trade management work easy and even to share tips and tricks with entire market fluctuations and rates, EdgeWonk was developed as a smart trading journal that saves your time and tends your focus more on trade.

What Is EdgeWonk?

Edgewonk is a highly sophisticated trading journal, built by full-time professional traders to leverage you with unique statistics and suggestions depending on the input from your trades. Edgewonk is all automated and enables you to feed all the programs with required information about the activities of your trades. It is best for focusing on and analyzing your trades.

Why Choose EdgeWonk?

EdgeWonk is a digital trading journal; however, it is a platform that serves more than just a software to insert your trades. It serves more as a tracker of your trading behavior by interpreting the fed data and allowing all the optimization of your trading systems. EdgeWonk is in-built with a unique matric that observes and also tells you where you are leaking invested money. Besides, it also suggests you where and how to enhance your trading graphs and offers you a real chance to become more profitable.

Edgewonk Features

Apart from a well-organized trading journal, EdgeWonk is also a fully-equipped trading platform with advanced features. Let’s learn a few most interesting ones-

Entry/ Exit Optimization

After inserting the trading information, Edgewonk software quickly starts analyzing. It starts offering strategies to enhance your trading entries and exit timing. It also advises you on all types of used orders, where to place the stop orders and much more advice. This essentially helps every trader to improve its success rate.

Edgewonk Review

Trade Simulator

EdgeWonk trade simulator is very much useful for backtesting purposes. After you insert a significant sample of trades into a statistical way, it enables you to run simulated portfolios and scenarios. This shows what results you would have got if you have had trade with particle time frames, signals, and many more. 

Advance Trading Classifiers

This feature makes the EdgeWonk journal data tab and its classifiers stand out from other journals. When inserted trade information, EdgeWonk journal scans macro events and various particular patterns that occurred around in the past time of your trade. 

Edgewonk Pros and Cons


  • Track the performance of the trade.
  • Capitalize your trading data analytics.
  • Enhances your trading behavior.
  • Backtest and suggest how your trading strategy would have performed in various scenarios.
  • Affordable trading journal with a one-time payment.


  • Needs comprehensive datasets to give accurate analysis.
  • Not perfectly suitable for long-term investors.


Edgewonk comes with 2 types of trading journals- Trading Journal 2.0 and [Bundle] Trading Journal + Development Program. Alongside this, Edgewonk also offers 1 add ons- Trader Development Program. All its products come at affordable prices, and the additional discounts are provided when applied Edgewonk Coupon Code at the checkout. 

Final Words 

Edgewonk is a powerful data-driven trade analysis tool that could benefit any trader enormously in becoming an all-time better trader. Edgewonk platform is compatible with every type of asset, including stocks, futures, FX, and cryptocurrencies. It helps efficiently in building discipline and track the entire trading behavior by performance in a new way to plug a lot of leaks.


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