Getting Late For Office, Now Enable Your Team To Collaborate Via EasyUp

Before getting to EasyUp, lets us first came to know what does the “Async Video Standups” means. Video Standup is a short video which is uploaded on the social media platform. As we are in the modern era, Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp uploading your status with the “Story UI” is the deal now. Be it your day to today activity about your jobs or personal life, and peoples are now express everything by simply uploading videos with various social media platforms.

EasyUp Introduction

EasyUp lets you record a short video of around 1 min each day that is shared by your colleagues, just like the Instagram stories for the teams.


The application uses the “Story UI” concept, which is as of now trending in all the primary social media platform. In which short stories videos are displayed and uploaded for a specified time for the people to see it. As soon as you download the application, it gives you the option to register with your work email id so that as to help you to connect with your colleagues and team members. It is also much more advisable to use your work email id in order to keep you updated with the videos of your colleagues. It also seeks permission for accessing your media/photos files, microphone, and camera which even helps for uploading the video. Now the app shows you different team categories which are:

  • Marketing Team
  • IT Team
  • Maxi T
  • Social Media Team
  • Sales Team

You can even opt for the team which is mentioned above as per your kind of business and operation. If you run a marketing company, you can even choose for the marketing team, if your firm provides with the IT services than you can choose for the IT team and even so-on. Your opted categories will also be going to display on a panel on the left. Now you can work and carry out the operation for the concerned department in a much smoother manner. Sales team videos will be received in the “Sales Team” category and the respective members in the group can even view it. On the panel below the team option, the notification system is also given, which acts as a reminder for you to view the particular team video or to post in them.


Bottom Line

EasyUp uses the video standups and the Story UI concepts to collaborate your team members more effectively and efficiently. It even boosts the culture of the remote access and anywhere working. Team leaders can use this application to conduct the regular video check-ins from any of the remote locations. Thank you for reading, now share your views in the comment below!