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Nowadays, smartphones with a good camera and picture quality make photography better. A few people have skills which make a typical corner of the room to appear beautiful, and that is all needed a photographer must have an eye and technic to make a photograph professional. However, your enhanced captured photograph is worth rewarding, and to value your efforts and skills, a stock photography company was founded named Dreamstime. It enables your dreams of making money by becoming a professional photographer. Through its site Dreamstime.com, any photographer can make money by selling their masterpiece. Whether you are a beginner or any pro in capturing a photograph, all it needs is an aesthetic photograph  

What is Dreamstime?

Serban Enache established Dreamstime in 2004. Dreamstime has a wide collection of professional stock photos, and it is regularly updating the collection of its photos, which are gathered from talented contributors from around the world. If the photograph is sent to  www.Dreamstime.com, the company claims to pay for every uploaded loyalty-free image, vector, videos, and illustrations. Later, the firm sells your images to the creative users around the web.  

Why Choose Dreamstime?

For more than 15 years, Dreamstime has been a trusted world leader in offering professional stock photos, video, audio, and illustrations. It has the worldwide largest community for royalty-free stock photography and pictures. The firm claims to have more than 85 million collections of a variety of stocks of photos, vectors, and illustrations, which revolves around a vast array of themes and categories. Dreamstime claims that its collection is affordable to anyone- from the largest corporations to several blogs and magazines.

Dreamstime Review

How Does Dreamstime Works?

Dreamstime is searchable by keywords, collections, categories, file type, license type, and orientation. It enlists its community as Dream Team members to work on keyword and search functions to make sure that the files and images can be searched in-depth. Dreamstime sells images and photos on demand depending on size and level with credits and used credit packs. It has more than 96,000,000 photos, clipart, illustrations, and vectors.

Dreamstime Special Features 

Dreamstime Blog

Dreamstime’s blog is worth praising as it is the only member written and member-driven blog witnessed in the stock photography agencies. It is a two-way conversational blog post where new and experienced users can take benefit.

Stock Photo Utilities

Stock Photo Utilities are especially for designers, including books, information, and suggestions. It majorly helps for new and experienced members.

Photo Map

Dreamstime Photo Map enables users to search by country if they require geographical photos and images.

Merchandise Store

Dreamstime has developed a retail store of Dreamstime merchandise for its users. It provides its community-based assists and model in creating its tribe.

Dreamstime Pros and Cons


  • Dreamstime has the largest stock photos library.
  • Dreamstime is available with audios and videos. 
  • Dreamstime uses AI and ML to list images properly. 


Dreamstime didn’t offer videos with money, only credit. 


Dreamstime offers custom and pre-packaged options and also has an extended license that can purchase with credits. Besides, its credit-based offering allows you to buy only one image at a time. It all comes with affordable plans, and when applied DreamsTime Promo Code,  it offers additional discounts. 

Final Words

Dreamstime community-based model, user, can pilot their website that engages their contributors and members. It is a huge stock photography agency that any photographer must get involved and learn. Its copyright purchasing option, extensive licensing options, and RAW file inventory are worth a free membership to utilize all features.


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