Give Your Baby The Care Of Dreamland Baby Blanket For Relaxed And Long Sleep

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Baby arrives with a lot of happiness; however, it takes nights and days of parents in taking care of the baby—life changes when the baby arrives. The scary fact is that only 5% of parents with babies under 6 months are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. Nearly 43% of the parents reported that they are getting only 1-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. A study also proves that both the parents do not get a fully satisfied and proper duration of sleep for up to 6 years after the birth of their first child.? And so as with a child, if the baby gets good sleep, this improves short and long term memory, immune function, cognition, language acquisition, impulse control, and mood. Dealing with the sleeping issue, Tara Williams designed Dreamland Baby, a lightly weighted blanket for infants. 

Entrepreneur Tara Williams and husband Rob Williams had faced the issue of sleep as their son Luke use to wake every single hour and a half the whole time. Until Luke turned 6 months old, Tara and Rob faced this issue, and like other new parents, they were desperate for uninterrupted sleep. They have tried various stuff and tactics to make Luke sleep long and peaceful, but they fail. One night while Tara and Rob were sitting on the couch, they just wrapped Luke under a heavy throw blanket. As soon as they cover Luke in the heavy blanket, they noticed that the weight of the blanket on his body had made Luke calmed instantly. At this moment, both the parents were shocked seeing this that Luke sleep longer, and this idea struck into Tara’s head to create a blanket explicitly for her baby.

Tara called her mother-in-law, telling the whole story of how much he gets calm in heavy blankets, and she asked her for sewing a weighted blanket for Luke. As soon as Tara conveyed her idea, her mother-in-law set out to create a prototype of her description for Luke. The first night with the prototype of the weighted blanket, Luke slept for straight 12 hours. And this was astonishing for Tara and Rob to believe how quickly Luke’s sleep was improved. 

Alongside the satisfied and uninterrupted sleep of both the child and parents, the prototype got famous among family and friends. Everyone started requesting to recreate the idea of blankets for them also, and this is how Dreamland Baby was born. Tara specifically designed the weighted blankets for babies. However, those weighted blankets are generally not safe for babies. Knowing this fact, Tara decided to go through various safety standards before starting the enterprise. 

Before selling the products, Dreamland Baby blankets have exceeded all the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards and doctor-approved. When used directly, the International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledged that the Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product. 

Give Your Baby The Care Of Dreamland Baby Blanket For Relaxed And Long Sleep

The testing for the baby blanket was both required and nonrequired, which includes testing procedures for lead (non-metal), lead (metal), phthalates, lead (surface coating), flammability of clothing textile, sharp edges, colorfastness, pilling resistance, sharp points, thermal transmittance, small parts such as suffocation hazards, choking hazard, and a few more.

As the American Academy of Pediatrics warns that loose bedding, pillows, and stuffed animals increase hazards to infants due to involved suffocation risk. So Tara designed the Dreamland Blanket as a wearable sack that stays on the baby by wrapping it and is not loose. To make the Dreamland Baby blankets fit correctly to the baby so as it does not cover the baby’s face while sleeping, which generally happens when used regular blanket. Tara has designed 3 different sizes of the weighted blanket that are really more of a weighted sack as a part of a bundle. Every size of the Dreamland weighted Blanket is two pounds or less. 

For proper movement, the gentle blanket weight should be 10% or less of the body weight, and it should not restrict the body movement. With Dreamland Baby blankets, the baby can sit-up, roll, stand-up, etc. The baby can do anything in a non-weighted sleep sack. Besides, Dreamland Baby weighted sleep sacks are overall safe for infants who are sleeping on their back, rolling, side, or tummy. 

Dreamland Blankets are approved for newborns to babies up to 22 months old. The first size if for 0-6 months old babies, the weighted Dreamland Baby blankets are designed with swaddle wings, the second size for 6-12 months old babies, there is a different size and the last size for 1 month to 22 months old babies. 

Every size Dreamland Baby blanket is currently on sale, and when applied Dreamland Baby Coupon, the startup offers additional savings. The startup also offers a bundle of blanket that has 2 blankets, and you get the provision to club the same size of two blankets or even two different sizes of blankets. The bundles are also offered additional savings by using discount coupons.

Presently, Dreamland Baby blankets have more than 230 5-star reviews, and the majority of the reviews have also mentioned that their babies are getting more peaceful and uninterrupted sleep of more than 10 hours every night. Even the parents are getting satisfied with sleep. 

To shower more happiness among babies and first-time parents, Tara wanted to expand her startup and wish to raise investment for further expansion of the Dreamland Baby. Tara presented her startup to the final episode of Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank in an effort to get investment in her business from one of the sharks in the month of May 2020.

Alongside this, Tara also pitched her startup to Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Sharks Mark Cuban, Shark Daniel Lubetzky, and Lori Greiner, and guest the founder of Kind.


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