DOH Initiating New Testing Updates For COVID-19 Dashboards To Track Progress Statewide

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The Washington State-based Department of Health (DOH) initiates changes in the way they earlier process and declares the reports of testing the data statewide.

The following are the changes that are set to take a particular effect on the testing process-

Total tests - From now, the risks assessment dashboard and the DOH data dashboard would provide the report on the total number of tests despite the total number of people who were tested. This is the revision of the changes than the old approach of testing, which calculated only one test of an individual, even though the same individual was tested numerous times. 

DOH Initiating New Testing Updates For COVID-19 Dashboards To Track Progress Statewide

With the new revision of change, each test is counted appropriately. The fresh data would effectively improve the understanding of the testing situation. Now it will ultimately reflect the true testing volume. The new changes are done to be more in the same phase with the methodologies of other states as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Percent Positive – The percentage of the total tests, which are reported as positive, would also switch from being based on the percentage of the new individuals who have tested positive to the percentage of tests conducted, which are positive. In a certain span, the processed data would change. With this their expected the percent positive reports will decrease a bit- as they are now accounting for total conducted tests and the visualizations of the dashboard would stay the same.

Daily Testing Rate– DOH would add the daily testing rates metric on the Risk Assessment dashboard. The additional measures would help in understanding the per capita testing stages in the state and by county. The new changes enable easy comparisons of other locations and counties, allowing DOH to benchmark every detail and progress in a better way. The daily testing rates are calculated by dividing the average number of molecular tests performed from the past week by the population in the state or county and later multiplying by 100,000. As of now, DOH would not comprise any targets; however, with time, the figures could change. The revised metrics would replace the current, ‘individuals tested per new case’ on the risk assessment dashboard (which was an additional way of expressing the ‘percent positive’ metric).


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