16 Dog Food Brands May Cause Canine Heart Disease

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The United Nations, Food and Drug Administration, is a severe premonitory dog owner to identify certain dog food brands which were causing Dilated Cardiomyopathy to your loved pets. According to the recent reports of FDA, It has nearly 500 cases which filed against DCM. 

DCM is a state of condition in which your heart becomes enlarged so that it can't be able to pump blood more effectively. The US Drug administration said individuals who are feeding your pets, which contain Peas, Chickpeas, Potatoes, and Lentils are prone to cause heart diseases. Pets struggle to take in breath and Cough initially. 

FDA has done an investigation and identified 16 popular brands of dog food, which had more reported cases regarding DCM. The top three brands which hit the list such as Acana, Zignature, and Taste of wild. The brand Acana enlisted in 67 reports followed by 64 reports upon Zignature and 53 reports on Taste of the wild. 

Many of the agency has not asked the respective companies to recall their products. They have just shared several cases which filed upon their company so that these firms think about the marketing promotions and formulation of their products. 

In a parallel FDA investigation although the third-party has found no link interlinks between pet dog products and DCM. The company Zignature added, Our company have confidence in manufacturing the naturally sourced diet which meets the needs of every dog who were suffering from Allergies and Grain intolerance.  Professional expert teams design all their product. 

Champion pet foods, which are the parent company of Arcana, assess, FDA don't link any particular pet or else ingredients that incidents to DCM. While Taste of the wild Statement, Scientists are not able to find out the exact cause of DCM.  

Pet food institute represents overall 98% of the pet food and treats makers are consulting with the nutritionists for their product safety, including the Veterinarians. The leading causes of DCM may also include Recipe formulation and Processing.  

From January 2014 to April 2019, The FDA has received 524 reports which are co-related of DCM. Almost 119 dog and cat deaths occurred. FDA has enlisted sixteen pets brands who might be the suspects.

67 Reports: Acana.
64 Reports: Zignature.
53 Reports: Taste of the Wild.
32 Reports: 4Health.
32 Reports: Earthborn Holistic.
31 Reports: Blue Buffalo.
29 Reports: Nature's Domain.
24 Reports:  Fromm.
16 Reports: Merrick.
15 Reports: California Natural.
15 Reports: Natural Balance.
12 Reports: Orijen.
11 Reports: Nature's Variety.
10 Reports: Nutrisource.
10 Reports: Nutro.
10 Reports: Rachael Ray Nutrish. 

What to Look for
FDA advises the pet owners to bring up their dogs if they notice any symptoms which are related to DCM and Check the vet before switching foods. In case if your dog collapses suddenly, An emergency veterinarian doctor must be available nearby your location. 


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