Doccker Raises $92M In New Funding

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One of the largest software service provider Docker Inc. has appeared today in a report has announced that they have raised an amount of $92 million in new funding, according to the report which has been revealed. This round is just the partial fulfillment of a round in which Docker is seeking to raise $192 million, the first time it has raised funding since a round of $61.8 million last year in October.

Docker’s last round was aiming at raising $75 million on a $1.3 billion valuation but felt short of the funding, which is a scenario that could be at play here given that so far the company has raised less than half of the figure it’s aiming for. The filing is a regulatory requirement, but usually, a company successfully raising money would file the final amount. The fact that Docker has filed now suggests that it may be struggling to raise the total amount.

If the filing isn’t somewhat unusual, to begin with, a news reported that “key details in the filing casts some doubt on the size and status of the round.” Some of the biggest highlights of the fact that the filing indicates that the first sale took place on Sept. 25, 2017, that is, prior to its last round of funding. The form is also an amendment to that round, meaning that while raising $61.8 million last year, it may have simply added $30 million to the amount raised then and this isn’t a new round.

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“Docker has quietly transformed into an enterprise business with explosive revenue growth and a developer community in the millions,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Singh wrote following the departure of founder Solomon Hykes in March. “Our strategy is simple: every large enterprise in the world is preparing to migrate their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, en masse. This puts Docker at the center of a massive growth opportunity.”

Given the ambiguity of the new funding, it’s difficult to estimate how much Docker has raised to date. Crunchbase pegs the figure at $334.7 million, but that may not be accurate.


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