Clear Customer Queries Via Helpdesk Tool, Dixa

Live chat technology has been around for a while. And while the customers increasingly demand immediate attention, businesses have also been relatively slow to adopt a live chat strategy particularly in the SMB space, this is where Dixa came into the picture.

Dixa An Introduction

Dixa is easy to use, cloud-based customer service software for the customer-facing teams, full-fledged contact centers, small business, and call centers. It is a multi-channel helpdesk that is built with simplicity in mind to make it easy for businesses to deliver personal service in the real-time scenario with the email, phone and chat as well. Because of its cloud-based nature, Dixa operates in web browsers and provide anytime, anywhere access which is provided there is a proper internet connection. Better still, it even requires no additional software installation, no IT expert and no maintenance and configure it successfully.

Dixa also provides with an intuitive interface that helps users concentrate on their customers without the distraction of limited software. It delivers the real-time performance data for the automation, wall displays, callback and intelligent call routing across the multiple channels.

Let us look at some of the features of Dixa:

Contact database

Dixa has a built-in lightweight CRM system seamlessly into the Dixa to ensure that you have the tools to provide the best service. Dixa automatically creates and updates contacts when the visitors or the customer start conversations with you. Repeat visitors and contacts are recognized which is totally based on the information from the CRM system which currently has. You can also browse contracts and search and manually update them wherever needed.

Contact recognition

Callers are recognized which is based on phone numbers and anyone else based on their email address. When you accept a conversation, you get information on the customer previous conversations, who they talked to and any notes that have also been added to each of the conversations.

Visitor tracking

Track your visitor's location and information. Simply, see the URL from which your customers are reaching out, and simply track devices and browsers. You are also able to view their email address, full name, and phone number if you already have this contact in your database.

Skill-based routing

Ensure customers get matched with the right sort of agents. Each agent can be assigned to any number of queues, and our latest advanced routing and IVR(Interactive Voice Recognition) makes sure you can land customers in exactly the right queue with the agent they need. How much advanced and detailed you choose to be is entirely up to you. Now go ace those first contact resolutions!


To Sum Up

Overall, Dixa is the great tool to be used for the customer or client satisfaction in the small or large business pace. It is built for inbound call centers, contact centers and small businesses, users can access the platform from anywhere in their browser.