Discover Your Destination To Best Place With Discovr.y

Discovr.y is a hybrid peer to peer recommendations platform, which rewards the users with the redeemable tokens for discovering experiences and places. The Discovr.y platform brings Augmented Reality to the recommendation landscape, which will allow users to instantly interact with their surroundings and see the trusted reviews and current promotions at the bard, restaurants, music venues and much more. For the business, offers the local business owners a revolutionary new way to promote themselves and gain valuable, easy to digest analytics on visitor traffic, customer behavior and promotion strength.  The business application allows the owners to truly understand their neighborhood demographics and habits.


With a local leaderboard, real-time and heat map, on-screen stats, users can now discover their city in a whole new way.


Users can get their reward both by the Discovr.y platform and business owners for the truthful referrals and ratings.

In-App Wallet

Users earn tokens directly to their personal e-wallet for the exploration-related activities which they can then easily transfer to someone or spend.


For the investors, app users and business owners, Discovr.y will be going to be an essential tool for the sustainable market and ethical growth.

Founder Statement

The startup has been founded by the Filip Mitrovic, he brings the operations and invaluable, revenue and data science experience from both the Washington Post and Pinterest, where has specialization in discovering and securing the new monetization opportunities for both the international and domestic brands. He has a high urge for the technology, data and creating everyday efficiencies has brought the Discovr.y to life.

The company as of now has a plans to launch of business membership and advertising packages after the user and data acquisition by the end of Q3 of 2019. And has an outreach to launch of DSCVR Prepaid card for the users. By the end of Quarter 4, 2019, the company is going to launch the new features which include the Fitness Map or Mode and Stargaze Mode.

The app of the company is available at free of cost, with no any hidden charges. The company is also looking to expand this in many different aspects forte business owners.