Diffbot | Knowledge Graph, AI Web Data Extraction And Crawling

Diffbot An Introduction

Diffbot is a revolutionary and efficient web data extraction solution trusted by many developers, teams and business professionals to automatically mine and extract structured, accurate and normalized data from anywhere online leverage it for any use case. This type of solution is also commonly referred to as the web scraping software.

Diffbot uses an advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and a set of API’s to analyze web pages and extract the data from them. What is great about this software is that it performs web scraping or extraction in a completely automated way, which means that it does not any rules or training as it even executes its job.

Web Scraping: An Automated Way Of Extracting Data From The Web

Diffbot is a very powerful tool because it uses the web to help the businesses and teams capture all the important data and information they need. The web contains large amounts of data that are scattered across the pages, and some other areas online. The only problem is that it is not easy to extract data from the web.

Diffbot employs a technique called as the web scrapping. In this technique, large amounts of data from the web are automatically loaded and extracted. This data then can be saved to a file or a database. Because web scraping is an automated technique, as it even eliminates manual data extraction which is usually done by copying and pasting data from the web, a task which is tedious and time-consuming. With Diffot, users no longer need to do any manual data extraction or internet research.

Doesn’t Need Any Rules And Training

Just like any other web data extraction solutions, Diffbot is easy to set up and implement. Users need not write a page or site-specific rules or train the software. In other words, it can even smoothly and automatically perform its job like an autonomous and intelligent person, freeing users from complex configurations and manual processes.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Diffbot uses a set of API’s that is supported and powered by Artificial Intelligence. Through the aid of these API’s, the solution automatically extracts clean, normalized, structured and accurate data from the various sources online like the discussions, images, videos, articles, and products.


To Sum Up

Overall, Diffbot offers the great features to be used as a data and web scrapping tool. It is an AI startup that provides knowledge as a service to power intelligent applications.